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When I had my consultation I was assured that the shoot would be very tasteful and they made sure I was was well informed about their intentions for the final product. From the time I stepped on set, I knew it was going to be an extraordinary experience. The ambiance was very nice and my every need was catered to in order to make sure I would be comfortable. I was nervous about being seen in my "bedroom suit" but every moment was very relaxing and comfortable and the end result was indeed very tasteful and sexy. This is something I would definitely recommend for women who want to do something unexpectedly sexy and sweet for their partner or just to do something for themselves!, it's surely to be a confidence booster! Bring out that inner "kitten"!  "Crystal"

I had a great experience working with CC Photography Enterprise LLC during my Boudoir photo shoot. They were very professional and accommodating. I have never done a shoot like this before, however, their confidence in me and what they do as photographer’s, made this a great and easy going experience. The music and wine selection was awesome! I felt comfortable and excited. I left the shoot feeling good about the photos that were taken. I would definitely recommend their services to other people! "Angelica"


Well at first I really wasn't for sure about Boudoir modeling and I was kind of nervous because I didn't want to expose myself in the wrong way...But, after I talked with the photographer's and I looked at the pictures I became comfortable and I had a nice time. "Dior"


I have never done a photo shoot like this and I was very nervous to expose my body..But, after taking a few shots I became relaxed. I had a great experience during my boudoir photo shoot. The photographers were great, they made me feel comfortable. I would definitely recommend a boudoir photo shoot to any women that wants to do something sexy and tasteful for their mate. ~Chrislyn~